Personal Training at Functional-Fit

With 17 years of experience, a variety of training plans and

options there is no place better to choose 1-2-1 Personal Training. 


Perhaps you would prefer to training with a friend or family

member? No problem, we offer great value two to one and three to one session

at a reduce price per person rate. 

Lose Weight

1-2-1 PT's are a great way to

keep motivated if your trying

to lose a few Lbs along side a balanced, which we can advise on.

Feel Strong

Week on Week you will build strength based on your own ability, whilst being looked after to ensure your doing the movement right.

Improve Health

Personal Training is a great way to recover from health problems you might have faced, your PT will look after you and ensure your working out safely

Get Fit

Get more out of your PT session and join our classes too. With affordable group sessions you can top up your weekly workout, and quickly see the results.


One to One

£30 per person

Two to One

£20 per person

Three to One

£15 per person