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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A Wednesday Evening Functional-Fit favourite, this work out uses every muscle in the body and it suitable for everybody.

Join Neal, every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm for this unique class that works through every muscle of your body using the tension band. Class price £5.00

What Neal says:

“Body Elastics is definitely one of our best classes, it's not offered anywhere else in Burnley and it's fantastic class to start with or even if you've been training a while you can increase your tension, speed, movements to really make it challenging."

To book your place text us on 07590 907856 with your name and “BODY ELASTICS”.

More Information

This class is our most popular class to booking is an absolute must, placed are limited to 28 people. We set up a tension band circuit, which changes from week to week. Timed sets mean no one is racing to compete or feels left behind. We use tension bands, step movements, weights and kettle bell with a new twist every session.

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