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Chins, Dips and Rings

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Start your week off with this challenging cross fitness workout.

Push your limits, improve your strength and join us on for this limited time class. Chins, Dips and Rings - £5.00

“It's shocked me how much I've improved in Chins, Dips and Rings without even realising, week by week I'm stronger and it keeps me motivated and going - Sophie, Burnley”

Read on for more information about the class or to book on and try it out your self, text your name and "Chins, Dips & Rings" to 07590 907856.

About the Class

This class is exclusive to Functional-Fit and focuses on building your own body strength, training on our specially designed equipment and expertly lead by Neal Richards, this class will push you to your absolute limits for ultimate #strength

You will use techniques to gradually build your strength for Functional Fitness and body weight training with movements like pull ups, knee lifts, ladder walks and more.

Chins, Dips and Rings is available for a limited time. Watch out for the class coming back soon.

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