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Weight Training Class

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Wednesday morning 6:30 to 7:10am, a great way to mark the middle of the week.

Join Michelle 7:30pm Monday and 10am Saturday or Join Neal, every Wednesday morning at 6:30am for this 40 minute weights class. Class price £5.00.

What our members say:

“I love this place, I've been to a couple of sessions now with great results, the weights class is brilliant and the atmosphere is ace - John, Burnley.”

To book your place text us on 07590 907856 with your name and “WEIGHTS”.

More Information

In every class Neal works through all the major muscle groups. This particular class is focused on weight training using all the gyms free weight equipment, kettle bells, bar bells, slam balls, hand weights, dumb bells, squat bars, you name it.

It's a tough class but you work at your on capacity, so if you fancy a challenge, pick up the next weight up.

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